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Melmed Law Group P.C. is a team of skilled and experienced California employment lawyers
whose sole mission is to fight aggressively for fairness and justice in the workplace.

Our Employment Lawyers Focus On You and Your Employee Rights

Melmed Law Group P.C. has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Our track record speaks for itself. Our California employment lawyers take an individualized approach to each case. We thoroughly believe that client/firm cooperation is essential to success. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers will educate you on California’s labor and employment laws and how they apply to your case, explain your options, and guide you through the entire process.

Whether you’re fighting against wrongful termination, sexual harassment, work discrimination, or a claim for unpaid wages, it’s crucial that you have an employment lawyer that will help you understand your rights, evaluate your options, formulate a strategy, and fight aggressively on your behalf. We also assist with negotiating severances agreements, pursuing stock option claims, and prosecuting claims for gender discrimination and equal pay. Our employment law firm can aggressively respond in response to your former employer’s illegal actions. For cases taken on a contingency basis, we do not charge any fees or costs upfront.

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Review of our California Employment Attorneys

When I was in need of an employment law attorney I sought out the Melmed Law Group! Johnathan Melmed and his group of professionals offer the highest quality of services! They have no problem tackling those large corporations that seek to trample working class rights. They work around the clock even on the smallest of cases, such as mine, to ensure that progress is being made each day. I greatly appreciate the detail they put into everything they put forward to provide their clients with outstanding service! Even during these extraordinary times of chaos they still worked to resolve everything.

– Ev G.

Review of our Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

I am eternally grateful for Jonathan Melmed and his team to help me with my request when nobody else could. Jonathan and his team not just successfully made a deal on my behalf but did it fast and exceeded all my expectations.I am recommending his services with confidence to all those clients who are rejected by other firms saying that their request is too challenging and not sure of a positive outcome. Thank you Jonathan again for the outstanding job you did for me and my family.

– Antonella M.

Review of our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys

Justice For Salespersons…..That is what Mr. Melmed strives for and he delivers! From the moment I first spoke with him, you can hear the integrity and honesty in his voice. He said I was being treated unfairly and he could help me. I believed in him and he believed in me. I rarely give 5 Stars to anyone but this gentleman and his caring staff earned it and more. Yes, he settled my case and came through! If you or anyone you know has a problem with their employer CALL Jonathan Melmed…..

– Scott H.

Review of our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys serving Across California

Our case was handled in a professional and efficient manner with constant updates from Jonathan and his staff making us feel comfortable and well informed of the proceedings. We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone. Thank you again Jonathan.

– D. W.

Review of our Los Angeles Employment Law Firm

I have personally worked my attorney Melmed, and I would vouch for his intelligence, honesty, reputation, and service. You owe it to yourself to consult with him as soon as possible. Have a look at his recent settlements – you are in great hands here!

– Aria M.

Review of our California employment law firm

Jonathon Melmed and his staff are highly qualified. I have referred many people to this office and they have all been very happy with the results.

– Minas N.

Review of our Labor Attorneys

Great lawyer! I would recommend 100% These guys know employment law! You won’t be disappointed.

– Elliot S.

Review of our Los Angeles Labor Attorneys

Jonathan Melmed is an excellent attorney, so kind, patient, and caring of his clients!

– T. W.

Review of our Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys

I would refer any class action employment case to Jonathan. He is unbelievably hard working. He puts in the long hours and is a true inspiration. I highly recommend.

– Jon R.

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

Jonathan’s ability to handle complex class action cases is unparalleled. His understanding of the intricacies of wage and hour claims is what enables him to obtain the very best results for his clients. This is an attorney I would highly recommend. 5 stars all around.

– Nicole D.

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

As a fellow attorney, I’ve worked with Jonathan on several issues and he’s fantastic. I cannot say enough great things about e’s work ethic, attention to detail, and honesty. I would highly recommend calling and consulting with attorney Melmed.

– John R.



Free Consultation. Our employment lawyers provide a free initial consultation to provide you with an understanding of your employment rights and to help you evaluate your options.

No Recovery Means No Fee. If we do not recover for you, we do not charge you any fees. Our law firm represents clients on contingency, which means that you will not need to pay any costs upfront, and our fee is a percentage of what we recover for you. If we do not recover anything, then will not charge you.

Experienced Employment Lawyers. The lawyers at our employment law firm are experienced. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our sexual harassment victims; we’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars in our class action cases; we’ve negotiated whistleblower retaliation claims for executives at some of the county’s largest companies; and we achieved a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement, demonstrated by our repeated inclusion as Super Lawyers, year after year.

Exceptional Record. Our employment lawyers are motivated to win and our track record speaks for itself. Check out our results page to learn more about our cases.


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We Cover All Employment Claims

Class Action and PAGA Claims. A class-action lawsuit is a single lawsuit that is brought on behalf of a group of people (the group is called the “class”) in civil court. The lawsuit may be filed in either state or federal court, depending on the type of case. A class-action lawsuit is typically appropriate where numerous employees have similar claims against their employers. A class action avoids the difficulty of joining all individual employees in a single suit, as well as the potential for inconsistent verdicts in separate suits. Usually, only one person needs to file a class-action lawsuit, and that person can seek to represent all of the other employees that are “similarly situated.” That person, usually called the “class representative” can be a current employee or a former employee. That person must act in the best interests of the other similarly situated employees. The class representative must have claims that are typical of the other similarly situated employees. Learn more about class action lawsuits in California.

Work Discrimination. Under California law and federal law, an employee has the right to be free from unlawful discrimination in the workplace. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (also known as the “FEHA”) is the primary law that provides employees with protection from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment in employment. The employment provisions of the FEHA’s anti-discrimination provisions apply to all employers with five or more full-time or part-time employees. If you have been discriminated at work based on being a member of a protected class (whether as an employee or even during the hiring and firing process), you may be able to bring a claim for discrimination under either California or federal anti-discrimination laws. Learn more about workplace discrimination claims in California.

Pregnancy Discrimination. California law provides important protections for employees and job applicants who are either pregnant or are new mothers. If you are pregnant, have a pregnancy-related medical condition, or are recovering from childbirth, you are protected by California and federal anti-discrimination laws. California law protects employees against discrimination or harassment because of an employee’s pregnancy, childbirth, or any related medical condition. California law also prohibits employers from denying or interfering with an employee’s pregnancy-related employment rights. Learn more about pregnancy discrimination claims in California.

Gender Bias and Pay Parity. An employee alleging discrimination in wages based on gender can bring claims under either federal law or California law. Under California law, the California Equal Pay Act requires that an employee must prove that he or she is being paid less than an employee or employees of the opposite sex, of another race, or of another ethnicity who is performing substantially similar work. Under the California Equal Pay Act, an employee must show that the employer paid the employee of another race, gender or ethnicity higher pay “for substantially similar work.” Once an employee makes this showing, the employer must then prove that it has a legitimate reason for the pay difference. Under the current law, an employer can defeat an Equal Pay Act claim by proving that the difference in pay for substantially similar work is due to seniority, merit, a system that measures production; and/or a “bona fide factor other than sex, race, or ethnicity.” Learn more about gender bias and pay parity claims in California.

Sexual Harassment. Our California sexual harassment lawyers understand the distressing impact of sexual harassment in the workplace and are committed to helping victims of workplace sexual harassment by building a strong case for our clients and maximizing available damages. Under the law, types of harassment include unwelcome and offensive sexual advances, unwelcome and offensive comments, and unwelcome and offensive touchings. Suing for sexual harassment in California typically requires the assistance of an experienced sexual harassment attorney. Sexual harassment can violate the law if the conduct is objectively hostile or abusive. If you or someone you know is or was subject to a sexually hostile work environment while an employee, then it is important that you speak to an experienced sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. The time to file a sexual harassment lawsuit is very short, and it is important to make sure that you do not lose your right to file a sexual harassment lawsuit because you waited too long. The best course of action is to speak to a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know is or was a victim of sexual harassment as an employee in the workplace, reach out to our office for a free consultation with a sexual harassment lawyer and to learn more about cases brought on behalf of victims of sexual harassment.

Whistleblower Claims. A whistleblower is an employee that identifies fraud within their company and takes legal action to expose that fraud. Under California and federal laws, an employee whistleblower may be entitled to receive a portion of the damages recovered by the government as a result of exposing the fraud. The purpose of the whistleblower laws is to motivate employees to confront and expose corruption, even if it might threaten their jobs or lives. Whistleblowers are entitled to special protections under the law, including protection against retaliation. Common areas of fraud that whistleblowers expose include: Medicaid or Medicare fraud, tax fraud, overbilling, pharmaceutical overprescribing or unlawfully prescribing, or any other form of fraud. Oftentimes, whistleblowers will face unlawful discrimination and workplace retaliation from their employers for such actions. If your employer retaliates against you for filing a whistleblower claim, you have legal protection. Learn more about whistleblower claims in California.

Wrongful Termination. In California, an employer or an employee may terminate the at-will employment relationship at any time, for any reason, as long as the reason is not illegal. It does not make a difference whether the employee actually did anything wrong. I f the employee is at-will, then the employee can be fired for any reason at all, with some limited exceptions. However, an employer cannot terminate an employee for an unlawful reason. If an employer fires an employee for an unlawful reason, then the employee may be able to bring a successful claim against the employer for wrongful termination. Learn more about wrongful termination claims in California.

Employer Retaliation. It is illegal for an employer to relate against an employee that reports or otherwise opposes unlawful activity. Retaliation in the workplace is any form of adverse action that an employer takes against an employee because the employee engaged in a protected activity. That protected activity might be filing a complaint about harassment, or discrimination, or unpaid wages. Examples of an adverse retaliatory action can include being fired, laid off or demoted, being reassigned to objectionable job duties, being passed over for promotions, having wages cut, and/or receiving negative performance reviews. Learn more about employer retaliation claims in California.

Rest Break and Meal Break Claims. California law requires that an employer authorize and permit compliant meal breaks and rest breaks for its employees.  In general, a 30-minute unpaid meal period must be provided on or before the fifth and tenth hour of an employees shift.  In general, a ten minute rest period must be provided for each four hours of work, or a major fraction of each four-hours worked. In general, meal periods are unpaid; rest periods are paid time.  If an employer fails to provide an employee a meal or rest period in accordance with California law, the employer must pay the employee one additional hour of pay at the employee’s regular rate of pay for each workday that the meal period or rest period is not provided. Learn more about rest break and meal break claims in California.

Unpaid Overtime and Minimum Wages. California’s workers deserve to be paid, on time, for all of their hours worked. If your employer failed to pay you for all of your hours worked, under federal and California labor laws, you may have the legal right to recover those wages along with additional damages designed to penalize your employer for wage violations. In addition, you may also be entitled to court costs and attorney fees. Every single day, our office fights for the rights of California’s workers who are victims of wage theft. Wage theft affects all industries. For instance, even hard-working individuals working as IT workers, service technicians, installers, sales representatives, nurses and other healthcare employees, retail workers, tipped workers, agriculture employees, call center employees, personal bankers, personal mortgage brokers can be victims of wage theft. If you were denied overtime or otherwise paid improperly, you may be able to file an individual lawsuit or a collective action lawsuit on behalf of yourself and other employees. You have the right to be paid for all of your hours worked. Learn more about unpaid wage claims in California.

Non-reimbursement of Business Expenses. Employees in California have the right to be reimbursed for all of their out-of-pocket business expenses. Under California law, when an employee must use their personal cell phone for work-related calls, an employer is required to reimburse them. When an employee is required to use his/her personal cell phone for work purposes, the employer must pay some reasonable percentage of the employee’s cell phone bill. It does not matter if the phone bill is one for unlimited minutes, is paid for by a third person, or at all. It does not matter if the employee changed plans to accommodate worked-related cell phone usage. It does not matter if the employee’s phone is part of a family or group plan. Under California law, reimbursement is always required because otherwise, the employer would receive a windfall because it would be passing its operating expenses onto the employee. Learn more about non-reimbursement of business expense claims in California.

Stock Option Litigation. Stock options and other equity agreements are becoming increasingly popular in technology, media, and pharmaceutical companies as a form of compensation to employees and also to independent consultants. However, the underlying agreements are often vague, ambiguous, complex, and can lead to disputes and potentially contentious litigation. Sometimes, disputes arise as to whether the exercisability, or vesting schedule, of the options should accelerate upon a change of control (i.e. when a company is acquired, or merged into a larger company). Or, a dispute may arise as to whether a terminated employee is entitled to accelerated vesting, whether a termination was implemented to avoid vesting, or whether a company’s failure to grant options or vest shares is in violation of the provisions of the underlying agreements. Our office represents individuals and departing executives in their stock option litigation in court and in arbitration. If you have a question about a stock option dispute (or potential dispute), its best to speak to an attorney to understand your rights and your various legal options. These types of lawsuits can be extraordinarily complex, and often require a trained professional to maximize the value of your case. Learn more about stock option claims.

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We understand that this is a distressing time for you. We also understand that an employee or former employee may find it difficult to communicate about the claims at issue. But that doesn’t make the harm any less real. We will listen to your story, learn from you, and then we will help you tell your story.

If you are a victim of workplace abuse, we can help. We exclusively represent individuals needing legal advice, counseling, and litigation representation involving California and federal employment law violations. Our employment lawyers represent employees across California including major cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Modesto, San Bernardino, and many more.

We don’t charge any costs or fees upfront and we offer a free 15-minute consultation to help victims of workplace abuse move forward.

If you have been experiencing sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, wage & hour violations, or any employment issues, we are ready to take your call. We can help you recover what you deserve, and our employment lawyers will stand by your side to guide you through the entire process.

It all begins when you schedule a free consultation with our employment law firm to learn how our employment lawyers can help you. We’ll assign the best-suited employment lawyer for your case; for instance, if you have been sexually harassed, our California sexual harassment lawyer will help. We have been representing employees for years and we understand that employees may be distressed because of their unfortunate circumstances. We are compassionate attorneys who listen to the needs of our clients, work to find the best solution for a client’s particular circumstance, and empathize with our clients to help them get through their stressful time.


Our employment lawyers can aggressively respond in response to your former employer’s illegal actions. Our labor law attorneys work around the clock to make sure that our clients receive 100% of what they’re owed.

We represent individuals from diverse backgrounds and in diverse fields – from corporate executives at fortune 500 companies to hourly laborers and migrant workers.

We have litigated against the largest companies in the world as well as smaller companies and even individuals. If you are a victim of workplace abuse, we can help.

We do not charge any fees or costs upfront. Take action now and contact our employment lawyers for free legal advice.


It all begins when you schedule a free consultation with our employment law firm to learn how our employment lawyers can help you. Our employment lawyers represent employees across California including major cities such as San Francisco, Bakersfield, San Diego, and Los Angeles, and throughout the entire Central Valley. We don’t charge any costs or fees upfront and we offer a free 15-minute consultation.
At Melmed Law Group P.C., our California employment lawyers provide guidance and representation on all types of employment matters, including whistleblower claims, sexual harassment claims, racial harassment claims, wrongful termination claims, retaliation claims, and claims for unpaid wages.

We also assist with negotiating severance agreements, pursuing stock option claims, and prosecuting claims for gender discrimination and equal pay. We do not charge any fees or costs upfront.

We will guide you every step of the way!


Answers to Employment Law Related Questions

For those cases which we accept on a contingency fee basis, we do not charge any fees upfront, and we cover all costs during the case. Our contingency fees are negotiated at the beginning of the representation. When our office provides legal services to a client on a contingency fee basis, the client will not be held responsible for any costs advanced by the law firm where no recovery is obtained. Our attorney fees are contingency fees, which means that we are paid a percentage of what we recover for you. For those cases which we accept on a contingency fee basis, if we do not recover for you, we do not charge you any fees.

For a free 15-minute consultation with an employment lawyer, you can call us right now at (310) 824-3828 or you can click here to submit your contact information for an attorney to review. We do not charge any fees for a consultation with one of our employment lawyers.

Every case is different.  Each case has a unique set of facts and circumstances that can change the value of any particular case.  The best way to determine the value of your case is to speak with an employment lawyer who can help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and can help you analyze any damages available for your claims. 

Every case is different.  Each case has a unique set of facts and circumstances that can affect how long a particular case can take.  Some cases are rapid and can last less than 30 days.  Others are more complex and can take much longer.  The best way to determine how long your case will take is to speak with an employment lawyer who can help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your claims. 

Typically, it is advisable to speak to a lawyer before signing a severance agreement.  When an employee is terminated, he or she may be asked to sign a severance agreement.  Severance agreements can be very simple — e.g., a simple exchange of money for a release of claims.  But the fine print of a severance agreement can contain provisions which can be problematic for the employee on a going-forward basis. Perhaps the agreement contains nondisclosure, nonsolicitation, and non-compete obligations that may hinder an individual’s ability to earn a living after termination.  Perhaps a departing employee is releasing meritorious claims and not even realizing it.  Severance Agreements must be carefully reviewed to ensure that this is not the case.