Get to know more about our highly experienced employment attorneys in Los Angeles. Our team proudly serves the entire state of California, providing legal advice, counseling, and litigation representation regarding breaches of California and federal employment laws. Our top attorneys have received multiple awards for several years, including several attorneys named top lawyers year after year. Within the last ten years, our team has earned $250 million for our clients in case awards are recovered. Learn more about our team below.

Tried-and-True Attorneys

When you work with Melmed Law Group, you get an entire team, not just one person. Having litigated hundreds of class action lawsuits in California, our law firm is armed with extensive experience. We represent employees across a spectrum, with clients who are CEOs, CTOs, bus drivers, migrant farm workers, doctors, and more. Our strong roster of lawyers has experience with both individual and class action cases, and we even have strong referrals coming in from other law firms. 

Our employment attorneys in Los Angeles represent employees in a highly diversified set of practice areas. With regard to class action and sexual harassment cases, Melmed Law Group is one of the biggest law firms on the employee side of California. If you are the victim of workplace violations, such as discrimination or wrongful termination, our team is here to help.

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At our law firm, not only is your initial consultation free, but you will only pay for our services if you win. With contingency-based payment, our legal fees will only be a percentage of the settlement or court award. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a legal advocate, regardless of their financial situation. Schedule your free consultation with Melmed Law Group now.