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Our Unpaid Wages Attorneys Help Wage Theft Victims in California.

California workers have many rights. They possess the entitlement to equitable employment. Employees are also entitled to receive payment for all hours worked (including overtime). Should a business violate these rights, you can file a wage claim.

The unpaid wages lawyers at Melmed Law Group P.C. help wage theft victims in California. We also serve our clients as overtime lawyers representing employees owed additional wages.

Does Your Employer Owe You Compensation?

If so, you have the legal prerogative to reclaim lost earnings. You may also qualify for supplemental damages. These expenses punish employers for wage violations.

What Is Wage Theft?

As unpaid wages lawyers, we help wage theft victims. Unfortunately, owed wages are more common than you might think.

Wage theft occurs when businesses:

  • Deny an employee a bonus to which they were entitled
  • Fails to pay an employee the tips they earned
  • Refuses to pay a salesperson their commission
  • Won’t pay an employee for the time they worked off the clock
  • Requires an employee to work during their breaks
  • Misclassifies individuals as contractors instead of employees
  • Takes money from an employee’s paycheck illegally
  • Falsifies time clocks or pay stubs
  • Fails to pay at least minimum wage to employees
  • Refuses to pay an employee who quit or was terminated

California Employers’ Responsibilities Regarding Wages and Overtime Pay

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California employers have responsibilities. These duties involve following California’s labor laws to avoid wage theft. Our team of unpaid wages attorneys commonly help clients with the following areas.

Wages and Overtime

An employer must pay both wages and overtime rates on time. An overtime lawyer can provide a helping hand during this challenging time. We can also help you recover lost overtime wages.

Meal and Rest Breaks

California employers are responsible for paying on-duty break periods. These breaks require employees to remain at their workplaces.

If you believe an employer violated your meal or rest breaks, contact an unpaid wages lawyer.

Off-the-clock Work

In California, working off the clock is illegal. It’s also something to let an unpaid wages attorney know about.

In an era when many work from home or on a hybrid work schedule, it’s even easier for employers to get away with off-the-clock work. California employers must track all employee hours.

Commissions and Bonuses

Before accepting a position with a company, employees should understand their employment conditions, including whether they will work for commissions or bonuses and how their payment structure works. Commissions are for people in sales positions. Bonuses can be for any employee.

Wages Paid Upon Termination

A person quitting or being fired doesn’t disqualify them from receiving rightfully owed wages, including unpaid commissions and bonuses. Paid rest and meal breaks also fall under wages paid upon termination. An employee’s final check should also include accrued vacation time if it exists.

If a person gives at least 72 hours notice of quitting and doesn’t have a contract outlining the quitting process, the employer must also have the final paycheck available at the worker’s time of quitting.

Why Contact the Unpaid Wages Lawyers at Melmed Law Group?

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Do you need an unpaid wages attorney? Here’s why they’re so beneficial.

Assistance in Forming a Case and Filing a Lawsuit

Employers must pay workers without exceptions. These anomalies can include a staff member quitting, being terminated, or failing to perform as expected. Lawyers work with employees in many ways.

The help attorneys provide encompasses everything from building cases, presenting your side to a court, and doing everything possible to help ensure you receive your hard-earned money as quickly as possible.

Have Help Staying Protected From Employer Retaliation

It’s illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for making wage claims. Unfortunately, regardless of the risks, certain unsavory businesses will do nearly anything to “get back” at an employee. An unpaid wages lawyer can also assist the worker in ensuring that they’re protected against unlawful treatment.

No Out-of-Pocket Fees

Melmed Law Group P.C. is a team of unpaid wages attorneys offering legal representation on a contingency fee basis.

We only receive payment after successfully representing you. That payment is a percentage of what we help recover. If we’re unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.

Melmed Law Group proudly represents victims of unpaid wages throughout California. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge to handle your case. Let us help ensure you get what you’re owed. Contact the unpaid wages lawyers at Melmed Law Group for your free consultation now.