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A whistleblower identifies fraud within their company. This individual takes legal action to expose fraud. Under the laws of California and those at the national level, a worker who reveals wrongdoing can be eligible to get some part of the money that the government collects because they brought the fraud to light.

California whistleblower laws encourage employees to expose wrongdoing, even if it might threaten their jobs or lives. Whistleblowers receive special protections. These protections include those safeguarding whistleblowers from employer-based retaliation.

Whistleblowers can expose:

  • Medicaid and Medicare fraud
  • IRS/tax fraud (IRS and state tax)
  • Doctor and hospital overbilling practices
  • Pharmaceutical overbilling schemes
  • Defense contractor fraud
  • Environmental harm or fraud
  • Any government contract overbilling

Whistleblowers can receive pushback. This opposition can include unlawful discrimination and workplace retaliation from their employers. Hiring a discrimination or tax whistleblower attorney in California helps ensure you receive assistance and legal representation during this trying time.

Protections Whistleblowers Have:

  • An employer cannot make, implement, or use any rules, regulations, or policies that stop an employee from acting as a whistleblower.
  • Employers can’t retaliate against a whistleblowing employee.
  • Your employer can’t punish you for saying no to actions that would break state or federal laws.
  • An employer may not take adverse actions against workers for using their rights to report wrongdoings in any previous job.

Do I Need a Whistleblower Attorney in California to File a Claim?

Hiring a lawyer isn’t a legal requirement. But they can be helpful. Our lawyers will only agree to represent a whistleblower after careful consideration.

We carefully select cases that allow us to fully immerse ourselves in a claim's factual and legal details. This strategy helps ensure we bring cases to successful resolutions.

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Melmed Law Group represents our clients in a highly sophisticated and efficient manner. Our pro bono whistleblower lawyers also take on state or federal-level cases. Melmed Law Group operates on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay us unless we successfully represent you. Get your free initial consultation today.