Stock Options Lawyer for California Employees

Stock options and other equity agreements are becoming increasingly popular in technology and media companies as a form of compensation to employees and employee incentives.  However, the underlying agreements are often vague, ambiguous, complex, and can lead to disputes and potentially contentious litigation.

Sometimes, disputes arise as to whether the exercisability or vesting schedule, of the options, should accelerate upon a change of control (i.e. when a company is acquired or merged into a larger company).  Or, a dispute may arise as to whether a terminated employee is entitled to accelerated vesting, whether a termination was implemented to avoid vesting, or whether a company’s failure to grant options or vest shares is in violation of the provisions of the underlying agreements.

Our office represents individuals and departing executives in their stock option litigation in court and in arbitration.  If you have a question about a stock option dispute (or potential dispute), its best to speak to an attorney to understand your rights and your various legal options.  These types of lawsuits can be extraordinarily complex, and often require a trained professional to maximize the value of your case.

We offer a free consultation to individuals and departing executives to discuss issues surrounding stock option disputes.