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Meghan is an attorney with Melmed Law Group P.C. and exclusively represents California employees in state court, federal court, and arbitration.  Meghan grew up in a small town in Oregon and started working her first job at 16 years old. Being surrounded by a hard working small town community has instilled in Meghan a passion for workers rights and she thrives in fighting for employees who have had their employee rights violated by their employers. Meghan’s practice is split between wage-and-hour class actions and individual claims, including claims for harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and whistleblowing.  
Meghan was born and raised in Jackson County, Oregon and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting and a certificate in Business Information Systems in 2016. In 2017 Meghan moved to California and attended Chapman University, Fowler School of Law in Orange, California, and obtained her Juris Doctorate with an emphasis in Business Law in 2020.  
Immediately after law school Meghan was hired at an Irvine complex wage-and-hour law firm, where for over two years, she represented employees in wage-and-hour class actions and for their individual claims. Within Meghan’s first year of practicing law Meghan not only passed the Universal Bar Exam with a high enough score to be eligible to apply to practice law in all participating states, but she also successfully prevailed in a California Court of Appeals decision that was published as citable law.  Meghan continues her work in employee rights at Melmed Law Group, P.C. with the same passion and drive to represent employees of all industries and backgrounds, and to ensure that her clients know that their rights are valued and fought for.
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